Where can the portable power station be used?

The portable power station is not limited to a single location and can be used in many different places. Portable power stations are fit for both indoor and outdoor environments.

For indoor activities, it can be used as a stationary power point for the shed or the house. Portable power stations are normally too small for a whole house, but easily provide power for 1-2 rooms.HandE-1000, manufactured by Squared-X, is ideal for indoor activities. It can help owners survive blackouts or it can be used as a powerpoint extender within the house. For example, if you want to use the coffee machine in the yard, instead of extending your power terminal from the house, you could use your HandE-1000.

Outdoor activities include fishing, camping, hiking, etc. A power point in the wild is essential for people in modern society where, phones, laptops, cameras, and even drones need to stay charged. HandE-1000, manufactured by Squared-X, provides a zone of comfort when conducting outdoor activities. Solar panels paired with the device can maintain the charge level of the battery. 7 x DC output ports and 4 x AC ports ensure that the battery is ready to be used anytime. With a robust internal design, the system will remain safe to use after violent shaking from RVs or 4WDers.

Hopefully, the HandE-1000, manufactured by Squared-X could become your power partner soon.