What appliances can be used on a portable power station and what can’t?

For portable power stations, all appliances under the nominal power rating can be used, and the duration of use depends on how fast the electricity is drawn. Appliances such as phone chargers, laptop chargers, TVs, mini-fridges, coffee makers, and even blenders can all be plugged into the portable power station.

There are two types of power: normal power, and surge power. Normal power is the electricity consuming speed when you are running the device and surge power is the kickstart electricity consuming speed when the device is initially turned on. Especially for those appliances that come with a motor, the surge power can be double or even triple the normal power. So please be careful and check on the surge capability when selecting portable power stations. HandE-1000, manufactured by Squared-X, is rated at 1000W nominal output power. This means all appliances with normal power under 1000W can be plugged in. The device can also take up to 2000W surge for 5 seconds, therefore, some devices with a higher surge can also be tolerated. Please check the nameplate of devices you would like to plug into the battery to determine which device can and cannot be plugged into the system. The duration of use is also very important, as in real life this determines whether your CPAP can last through the night or whether you can make yourself a full cup of coffee. Power measures the speed of electricity flow when batteries are charged and discharged, while capacity measures how much electricity there is in total. Power multiplied by time equals the capacity. HandE-1000, manufactured by Squared-X, includes a battery capacity of 1,156Wh. This means that if there is a mini-fridge rated at 60W, the battery will last you roughly 19 hours (1156÷60), and vice versa for other appliances.

With HandE-1000 battery only, you could recharge your phone from 0~100% more than 100 times, or you could recharge your laptop from 0~100% more than 14 times. Of course, if this is not good enough, you could always use a solar panel to top up the battery and extend your battery duration.