What is a portable power station?

From the name of the portable power station, one could tell that it’s a power station that can be carried around. From here, let’s divide the phrase into two parts; portable and power station.

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), a man shouldn’t lift anything heavier than 25kg, while the safe lifting weight for a woman is no heavier than 16kg. They also concluded that lifting weights under these amounts results in a low risk of injury. Therefore, to be called portable, a product cannot exceed 16kg with no risk of injury. HandE-1000 manufactured by Squared-X weighs 13.5kg, is therefore fully qualified as portable, and poses no risk of injury when transported.

A power station is a stationary device that can hold electricity and be used when needed. The lithium-based battery provides a strong sponge to soak up the electricity and can provide power whenever and wherever electricity is needed. Safety and durability are two very important factors for lithium-based batteries. For HandE-1000, we provide double layer protection on safety precautions. The BMS (Battery Management System) built into the battery will detect the battery cell temperature and voltage, and the EMS (Energy Management System) built into the battery casing will provide an extra layer of protection for the whole system. If something went wrong with the battery cells, the BMS will act immediately to shut down the system. If the BMS is in fault mode, and the damage continues, the EMS will come into play and make sure there is no more risk of danger.

A portable power station will also need to be refilled when the battery is low. Free power coming from the sun can be used to charge up the HandE-1000 portable power station. In cases where there is no sun, it can also be charged using an AC wall socket.

The HandE-1000 manufactured by Squared-X will provide you with a lovely experience with no more panic due to low batteries.