Which RV is better for a family outing?

Finding the best RV for a family of 4 is a daunting task. It’s challenging to know what amenities you really need on the road and what’s just not necessary. Read on if you need help figuring out the best RV for a family of 4, what to look for and what to look past.

We’ve combed the internet to give you the best RV options, whatever your taste, style, and needs. We’ve worked hard to find you a good fit with various layouts, sizes, and price ranges.

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Travel Trailers

Travel trailers are often the most inexpensive option for families. You can get multiple rooms, bathrooms, and amenities, all at an affordable price. However, they often have the lowest storage capacities by weight and volume. But, they can weigh the least too, which means you might not need as big of a vehicle to haul them.

Dutchmen Aspen Trail 2260RBS

Sleeps: 2-4

Freshwater: 52 gal

Gray Water: 42 gal

Black Water: 42 gal

Length: 26 ft

One of the primary highlights is the inclusion of an electric fireplace, which is ideal for cold winter nights. Although the fireplace doesn’t generate too much heat, it creates an excellent backdrop for snuggling with the family and watching a movie.

Another unique feature of the Aspen Trail is the pantry. To access it, you have to pull out the entertainment system/fireplace combo. Although this particular model helps maximize space, you want to be sure that you grab all of your snacks before starting the next movie or show.

Fifth Wheels

Fifth wheels offer the homiest and most spacious environment for families. They could easily become a second home away from home with their high ceilings and amenities.

They cost a bit more than travel trailers but still less than Class Cs since they don’t come with their own engine. For hauling, you’ll need a truck that can handle a higher payload for the kingpin weight and a higher towing capacity than the travel trailer.

After hours of research, here are seven of the best built fifth wheels that I recommend:

The Keystone Montana series

Redwood’s namesake model, the Redwood

Forest River’s Wildcat Series

Dutchman Voltage Series

Grand Design Reflection Series

Grand Design’s Solitude

Jayco’s North Point North Point model

All seven companies make dependable, well-designed fifth-wheel trailers. They all make my list for different reasons. Once you know how and why you want to use your fifth wheel, you can choose the best built fifth wheel model that fits your family’s needs.

Class C Motorhomes

Class Cs also comes in as one of the best RVs for a family of 4. With multiple sleeping areas, large slide-outs, and plenty of storage capacity, these RVs have room for almost anything you’d want to bring — except vehicles.

Also, with Class Cs, you don’t have to hook up a trailer or mess with a hitch, sway bars, or airbags. They require a lot less time setting up and tearing down, meaning you can get to your destination even faster.

Jayco Melbourne: Most Spacious

The Jayco Melbourne is one of the best Class C RVs because of its spacious living room and excellent fuel economy. Unlike many other models, the Jayco Melbourne sits on the chassis of a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, meaning it runs on diesel and can only tow

up to 5,000 pounds.

Diesel-based RVs offer better fuel economy than gas-powered ones, and the Jayco Melbourne averages over 12 miles per gallon. This 25-foot RV maximizes usage of space, with drivers regularly mentioning how large the interior feels. While some customer reviews criticize Jayco Melbourne’s queen bed for barely deserving to be called a queen size, the rest of the living area feels open.

You’ll find plenty of standard features in each Jayco Melbourne, from backup cameras and keyless entry to swivel chairs and an outdoor shower. The Jayco Melbourne includes sleeping areas for up to five passengers and is easily one of the best Class C motorhomes around.

Jayco Melbourne Warranty
All Jayco models come with a 2-year/24,000-mile limited warranty and a 3-year structural warranty. The company is known for its top-tier craftsmanship and has attracted a strong and loyal following.